Focus Business Sales & Acquisitions Ltd

Selling Your Business – Key Steps

Unsure About The Sale

You want to achieve the maximum possible value for your business when you sell it, but you may be unsure of the sale process and you almost certainly will underestimate the amount of work involved in the sale. We are there to guide you and to share the workload so that you can continue to manage your business profitably up to Completion date.

fbsapic148 Key Selling Steps

We will customise our services to your needs, drawing on our expertise in the following areas:

  1. Pre-sale audit
  2. Business valuation
  3. Preparation & delivery of an Information Memorandum
  4. Profiling potential buyers and building a database of prospects
  5. Marketing the business:
    ◦via direct mail, phone calls, advertising in the media and (optionally) on our BizSales website and
    ◦by email to over 8,000 businesses / people who have registered with us as buyers
  6. Contacts with and release of information on a confidential basis to prospective buyers
  7. Support during sales negotiations with serious buyers to secure a top-class outcome
  8. Concluding the deal – choosing a Preferred Bidder, Due Diligence, Heads of Agreement, Sales & Purchase Agreement, Completion.

On-Going Support and Advice

It may take up to a year to sell your business and there is a lot of work involved in producing information for buyers, conducting negotiations, agreeing contracts etc. We will be with you at each stage, giving you guidance and advice. Selling your business is an emotional experience for you. We will be there to give you support.