Focus Business Sales & Acquisitions Ltd

About Us

Senior Executives

Focus Business Sales and Acquisitions is owned and managed by a group of highly qualified partners all of whom previously held senior executive positions in business over a number of years, either as Proprietors, General Managers, Senior Directors or Managing Directors.

The company was formed in response to requests for assistance from Business Brokers BizSales and clients of Focus Business Advisers.

Focus Business Advisers helps Managing Directors / Owners grow their businesses, so as to move them to the next level. Progressively more of those clients sought help to sell their businesses for the best possible prices.

Experience of Buying and Selling Companies

During their corporate careers a number of the partners in Focus Business Advisers had been actively involved in the sale or purchase of businesses in the UK, Ireland and the USA, either on their own behalf or on behalf of companies they worked for. These partners increasingly provided assistance to their clients helping them to groom companies for sale or helping them buy or sell companies.

The BizSales Connection

The experience and expertise of the Focus partners was recognized by the owners of BizSales, a long standing firm of Business Brokers, expert in selling companies using the Internet. BizSales clients wanted specialist services to help them sell their businesses and the owners of BizSales increasingly used Focus partners for this work.

The partnership between BizSales and Focus Business Advisers has now moved to its logical conclusion with the establishment of Focus Business Sales and Acquisitions (FBSA). FBSA combines the technical expertise of the Focus partners with the marketing skills of BizSales to provide a full Business Brokerage service to small and medium size businesses at highly competitive prices.