Focus Business Sales & Acquisitions Ltd
Selling Your Business

The decision to sell a business is often a difficult one because of the profound personal and financial impact on the business owner. We understand this and have the experience to guide you through the sale process.

Buying a Business

If you are starting out in business or see an opportunity to buy-out the business you work for or wish to grow your business, buying an existing business is often the preferred choice. However, there is much to be considered.

Valuing a Business

Business Valuation is an art not a science. Having an instinct and past experience as to how the buyer or seller is likely to operate is vital. FBSA staff use a variety of techniques to establish accurate valuations.

Grooming a Business For Sale

Once you have decided to sell the preferred strategy is to prepare the business ahead of time, in order for it to be most attractive to potential buyers. We will work with you to build business value by focusing on the “Value Drivers”.